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karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Mon Jan 30 10:49:24 EST 2006

hi bill,

please do add APC


At 15:06 30/01/2006, William Drake wrote:
>So far I have as signatories,
>William Drake                        Computer 
>Professionals for Social Responsibility/
>Graduate Institute for International Studies
>Wolfgang Kleinw├Ąchter        University of Aarhus
>McTim                                     Internet Infrastructure Consultant
>Lee McKnight                        Syracuse 
>University/Internet Governance Project
>Parminder Jeet Singh            IT for Change
>Jeanette Hofmann                 Social Science Research Center, Berlin
>Avri Doria                             Computer 
>Professionals for Social Responsibility/Consultant
>1.  Parminder thinks we should have some sort of 
>WSIS-related identification.  I'm not much on a 
>lead like 'we the people of WSIS-CS' or whatever 
>since it implies a level of consultation and 
>consensus that isn't there, but I suppose I 
>could label it, Statement by Members of the 
>WSIS-Civil Society Internet Governance 
>Caucus.  Any problems with that?  Of course, I'd 
>rather it was simply a statement of the caucus, 
>full stop, can't imagine that many caucus 
>members are opposed to asking for inclusion, and 
>we've made caucus statements in the past with 
>fewer ayes (an issue in itself, I suppose), but 
>maybe that's pushing it a bit...Anyone have 
>guidance/feelings about this either way?

this is fine with me

>2.  Avri suggested I frame this in terms of 
>"civil society organizations and academics."  I 
>view academia as part of CS by definition, but 
>can do this for emphasis, in which case perhaps 
>I should stick Dr. in front of the relevant 
>names.  With ITU, where claims of 'expertise' 
>are highly relevant to a claim to participation, 
>this might be desirable.  Guidance/feelings...?

i'm not too much bothered on this one..


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