[governance] RALOs without halos

Thomas Roessler roessler at does-not-exist.org
Thu Jan 26 04:15:10 EST 2006

On 2006-01-24 16:12:54 +0100, Vittorio Bertola wrote:

> Actually, there already are a number of lists and tools for
> discussion with the ALAC and inside the At Large:

Well, Danny's criticism has a certain amount of merit: There is
no single public mailing list where all ALAC members are
expected to be subscribed.  That should probably have been one
of the first things to do for us, so I'll take part of the

The other part of the blame that I have to take is that I
helped the GA list to survive the reform process -- it probably
should have been shut down, and replaced by something new.

> About yourself, perhaps we should encourage more ALAC
> members to become active on the GA list, but I must also say
> that this is more likely to occur if the approach of the
> current GA subscribers was a little less, er,
> confrontational towards them.

The eternal problem of list etiquette around ICANN, indeed. :-(

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