[governance] Proposal: WSIS Principles => ITU Reform

Peter Dambier peter at echnaton.serveftp.com
Wed Jan 25 12:03:03 EST 2006

Hi Vittorio,

sorry if I am terribly off thread, but I dont know where else to put it:


This looks like there exists a completely unknown,
France based root system with its own root-zone data.
They publish the same data from 3 different domains.

I compared it to the ICANNed root-zone data. It is definitely
different and I am missing some ccTLDs like MX and CH :)

Interestingly enough they publish information about the chinese
character TLDs that are not part of the ICANNed root data.

This information should be intersting for the euralo people but
again I dont know where to put.

Peter and Karin

Vittorio Bertola wrote:
> Il giorno mar, 24/01/2006 alle 12.16 +0100, William Drake ha scritto:
>>Now ITU is having one of its periodic reform discussions (these have
>>been going on since 1865).  Philippe Dam of CONGO sent a message to
>>the plenary list noting that ITU is inviting external input on reform
>>priorities; the message is below.  It would be really useful if the
>>caucus could make a brief collective input on the website encouraging
>>ITU to open its doors to CS.  It needn't be elaborate, just a
>>paragraph, but we'd have to do it quickly; Philippe's message says 25
>>January, but since the consultation isn't until Feb. 1, I would assume
>>we could still submit something. 
> I think this would be a very important thing to do.
> But I don't have any particular idea on what to say, I'm not familiar
> enough with the ITU; except perhaps some recall of the way policy is
> discussed in the Internet style, and so suggestions about using online
> tools and mailing lists, and allowing everyone (including individuals)
> in the physical or virtual room at least for the discussion phase
> (adopting results is of course another matter, in a very formal
> environment such as a UN agency).
> Also Wolfgang's suggestions are good.
> If you and him had the time and willingness to prepare something...
> please go ahead.

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