[governance] Proposal: WSIS Principles => ITU Reform

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Wed Jan 25 09:12:38 EST 2006

Il giorno mar, 24/01/2006 alle 12.16 +0100, William Drake ha scritto:
> Now ITU is having one of its periodic reform discussions (these have
> been going on since 1865).  Philippe Dam of CONGO sent a message to
> the plenary list noting that ITU is inviting external input on reform
> priorities; the message is below.  It would be really useful if the
> caucus could make a brief collective input on the website encouraging
> ITU to open its doors to CS.  It needn't be elaborate, just a
> paragraph, but we'd have to do it quickly; Philippe's message says 25
> January, but since the consultation isn't until Feb. 1, I would assume
> we could still submit something. 

I think this would be a very important thing to do.
But I don't have any particular idea on what to say, I'm not familiar
enough with the ITU; except perhaps some recall of the way policy is
discussed in the Internet style, and so suggestions about using online
tools and mailing lists, and allowing everyone (including individuals)
in the physical or virtual room at least for the discussion phase
(adopting results is of course another matter, in a very formal
environment such as a UN agency).
Also Wolfgang's suggestions are good.
If you and him had the time and willingness to prepare something...
please go ahead.

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