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Forwarding for Jane, who's not here.  Could be of interest to any caucus people in the neighborhood.  Karen Banks and I will do a workshop on WSIS follow-up and implementation, including re: IGF.   Program at the URL below. 



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Dear all

It was hard for some to read the previous invitation for the WSIS follow-up conference in Copenhagen. I therefore resend it in a different format (see below).


Jane Johnsen


The WFUNA Task Force on WSIS and the Danish Network on WSIS 

cordially invites you to attend the international conference on 


Where to go from Tunis?

- Implementation of and follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society and the role of Civil Society in this process


Date: February 21st –22nd, 2006

Venue: The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 


On November 18th 2005 the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) concluded with an agreement among world leaders on ambitious objectives and promises for the future Information Society. Now that the Summit has ended and world leaders have returned home, we are wondering – will these objectives and promises be fulfilled and kept?


Time has come to evaluate the results and take stock of what impact the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society will have on global development in general, and more specifically on the future of the Information Society How do we go on from here, how do we ensure that ICTs truly become tools for development, and what will be the role of civil society in the implementation of the Tunis results?


These issues will be addressed at the international conference on Where to go from Tunis. More specifically, the conference will present keynote speeches and workshops focusing on:


¨       National ICT strategies 

¨       Local access to ICT 

¨       Human Rights and ICT 

¨       International follow-up mechanisms to the WSIS process – with special focus on the Internet Governance Forum and the ECOSOC Commission on Science and Technology 


Participation in the conference is free of charge. Lunch and refreshments are included. For more information about the conference and how to register, please visit our website www.una.dk/wsis or contact Project Coordinator Ms. Jane Johnsen at jane at una.dk. 


Please note that remote participation to the conference will be available through advanced collaboratory tools. 
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