[governance] [ga] Re: Establishment of the EuropeanRegionalAt-Large Organization

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Mon Jan 23 14:35:50 EST 2006


At 08:14 22-01-06  -0800, you wrote:
>You are a member of the Board. You are well aware that
>anyone may subscribe to the GA list, including
>yourself, and you are also aware that other Board
>members have participated on the GA list.  The content
>of my message was appropriate for consideration by
>members of the GA.

Interesting - when you write to people you don't even tell them you 
are CC a mailing list, and you don't explain they can subscribe. 
Further, whether someone will or will not subscribe to a mailing 
list, should be his/her desire, not being driven by accusations.

It's quite funny that you find your message of interest for the 
members of the GA, but you don't believe mine, Vittorio, or anyone 
else who responded there (in the Internet Governance mailing list) 
messages are of interest for the GA.

I still believe your actions are not proper, and I don't know what 
made you do them.

You can continue to blame me for whatever you want; but keep in mind 
I am not a politician, and I don't fight for my ratings. In the 
meantime, though, I can't stand and watch you attacking =people, 
whose only fault is they are trying to do something - including 
trying to make ICANN better.

A quick view of the GA archives shows that none of the comments from 
Wolfgang, Patrick, Rudi, etc. have made it to the GA list. That's 
certainly not fair. I will not be writing to the GA list more, as 
this is not my intent, but I wanted people there to know there's a 
discussion, and you are quoting only portions of it.


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