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Gurstein, Michael gurstein at ADM.NJIT.EDU
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Interesting and useful suggestion.  
I'm wondering what is the anticipated scope of such an org and whether
it would useful to include ICT4D and other issues of
grassroots/community/practitioner interest within its "mandate"... 
As some of you know, there are already moves afoot to create a Global
Telecenter Alliance (GTA) including the major regional/national
telecenter (and very likely the range of other community based ICT)
My colleagues in the GTA aren't completely convinced that there is a
sufficient basis of common interest for such a linkage but I can see
possible synergies and mutual advantages from such a development if such
were to emerge. 
Particularly, if the overall  post-WSIS "action" is focussed on the IGF
(and the Global Alliance is, as seems likely, to be a rather bloodless
extension of the UN ICT Task Force) then such a move would most
certainly be of interest.
Mike Gurstein

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At 15:13 22-01-06  +0100, Jeanette Hofmann wrote:

Yes, it would be very good to found a non profit for civil society to 
self-organize around Internet Governance related topics in a wider 
sense.  I can think of two different models (and some variations in 
1. An umbrella organization that provides some legal structure and 
procedures for already existing organizations or networks such as the IG

caucus and other WSIS related working groups willing to carry on, but 
also non WSIS related entities that are interested in building an 
independent, international civil society organization. Perhaps NCUC, 
EDRI or even ALAC would be interested in participating.

2. A new NGO as a formalized version of the IG caucus' open structure, 
which develops a political agenda for the IG forum (and perhaps further 
IG related processes such as ICANN.

Both versions require considerable commitment and some funding.

I agree with you, Jeanette - and it's also worth doing it. 
ISOC-Bulgaria can help, if necessary - we are running a project on IG
But to think that without funding, the IG Caucus would be able to do
substential work - that's not healthy. We'll continue meeting each other
all over the world, and will produce documents and papers, but there
will be less and less people from developing countries, and less and
less fresh ideas. 
My point is that we need to get organized, and start to involve more

Btw, we are thinking of organizing a small - one day - workshop in the
beginning of July in Sofia - right after the ICANN meeting in Morocco.
Please, keep it in your calendars, just in case. Most probably on July


Veni Markovski
the Internet Governance Resource  <http://www.isoc.bg/ig> Portal

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