[governance] Establishment of the European Regional At-LargeOrganizaton2

Erick Iriarte Ahon faia at amauta.rcp.net.pe
Sat Jan 21 13:28:26 EST 2006


if yo talk about soccer (remember "mar del plata 
soccer tournament" and "luxemburgo soccer 
tournament"), the first step is: be in the league.

So, for all regions (not only for europe), if you 
have contacts with at-large organizations please 
suggest them to incorporate in the "regional 
league" to participate in the "tournaments".

More clearly? be part of the movement, and 
participate. How? http://alac.icann.org/applications/

We need your passion for development a better 
Information Society  for have a real and active 
at-large movement in all the regions.

Thanks for your help.

I hope in the future see a lot of your 
organizations not only around ALAC, is important 
a participation in NCUC and another dialogue spaces.

Erick Iriarte Ahon

At 12:52 p.m. 21/01/2006, Wolfgang Kleinw├Ąchter wrote:
>The organizations we currently have are from 
>Belgium, The Netherlands Luxembourg, Italy, 
>Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Finland.
>So nobody from UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, East 
>Europe? And from Germany, is it only FITUG?
>I think there's already a reasonable set of diversity.
>This is like having the Champions League without 
>Manchester United, Bavaria Munich and Real Madrid :-(((
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