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I spoke today with both IGF and ITU people on other matters and mentioned
the invitation; neither had received it, at least as of yet.  Nice
attention to diplomatic detail here.

As evident at PrepCom-3, the Greek representative appears to have
ambitions.  It would be interesting to know whether they are actively
supported by the EC and other member states.  One suspects that all
politics are local here.

I think it would be very helpful if the caucus were to send a letter
urging that this meeting be delayed until just after the open
consultation, so that more people could participate, and that Greece
coordinate fully with the UN secretariat on the IGF going forward.  I
would guess that the private sector will also express concerns.  In light
of prior contacts etc, perhaps it should go to the Minister, not just the



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> hi
> i agree - frankly, it's ridiculous and will only get people's backs up..
> i'm assuming it's an 'open' meeting, meaning anyone who can make it
> is welcome, but who on earth will have the resources to get to two
> meetings in geneva within such a short period of time
> very annoying indeed
> karen
> At 15:22 17/01/2006, Ralf Bendrath wrote:
> >I can't understand why they don't do this in connection with the February
> >consultations. Sigh.
> >R.

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