[governance] Charter status update

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Mon Aug 21 10:13:01 EDT 2006

On 21 aug 2006, at 07.46, Nnenna wrote:

> Avri, you have my trust.  Handle it with care.  I have tested the  
> voters' list.  It is working..

Thanks to you and others, for the continuing trust.  I do plan to  
handle it with care.

A few more details:

- Because of the way the software works, there will be 4 separate  
email ballots
    - one for the base charter with options left unresolved
    - one for the option regarding the selection of the appeal's team  
by nomcom or voting
    - one for the option of selecting nominees etc.. (e.g. MAG) by  
nomcom or voting
    - one about whether voting is secret or open

The text for the three options ballots will be based on the text in  
the in charter.

Examples of these ballots will be sent to this list later today.

Speaking of the proposed charter I have done several things:

- removed edit marks
- highlighted the option
- fixed a few pending editorial errors

And one significant, though I still think editorial change.  I have  
put the description of the now optional nomcom  process in a separate  
document which is referred to in the optional text.

the proposed charter can be found in:
the nomcom process can be found in:

more in a bit.  comments welcome.



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