[governance] Re: Burr & Cade: proposal for introducingmulti-lateral oversight of the root

Robert Guerra rguerra at lists.privaterra.org
Tue Aug 1 11:04:27 EDT 2006

I'd go along with Canada. Then again, i'm from there. However don't 
think there's any political nor policy interest (1) to bring it across 
the border.

Let me suggest another possible country, one that's not based in the 
developped North .. Uruguay.

Raul did mention earlier that international ngos based there are able 
to get diplomatic status. No doubt that would be of interest..



1. Canadian Telecommunications Policy Review

Quoting Milton Mueller <mueller at syr.edu>:

> Canada?
>>>> bortzmeyer at internatif.org 8/1/2006 8:36:36 AM >>>
> A realistic and short-term solution, which I suggested at the WSIS, is
> simply to host the new structure in an "innocent country", a small and
> quite neutral country which, unlike the USA or China or France, seems
> safe for everyone. Costa-Rica or Finland are two typical examples (and
> they have good Internet connectivity).

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