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avri doria avri at acm.org
Wed Jul 27 16:51:57 EDT 2005


I agree with this.  while I think we should follow maximally open 
process for email based decisions, including 4 week review periods, and 
perhaps a form of voting (if we can figure out how to do that fairly), 
i think we need a different process for decisions that need to me made 
during a prepcom or similar event.

and while it would be good to have all our statements ready a month in 
advance for process, i don't think it is possible to anticipate the 
needs that far in advance.


On 27 jul 2005, at 12.30, Jacqueline Morris wrote:

> Very useful links, but i have one concern:
> Will this process include responses and so forth at the Prepcom and
> other negotiating bodies? Cause if so, then the period of comment to
> the list may have to be something like 4 hours rather than 4 weeks.
> Unless a different mechanism is proposed for these situations - like a
> general agreement on issues and then give a mandate to the team onsite
> and online to simply make statements on behalf of the Caucus without
> the full consultation, as the timeframe for these comments is very
> short - just like the last consultation with the WGIG report (4 days)
> in Prepcom it is sometimes less than 4 hours to develop a
> comment/response.
> Jacqueline

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