[governance] Fwd: [CS Bureau] Reminder - Prepcom fellowship deadline

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Mon Jul 25 00:23:02 EDT 2005

Fellowships are available for civil society -- note developing 
nations with priority for people from LDCs.

Good luck!


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>Subject: [CS Bureau] Reminder - Prepcom fellowship deadline
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>### Reminder - Prepcom fellowship deadline - 5 August 2005 ###
>Further details at:
>To facilitate the participation of developing countries at the WSIS 
>Third Preparatory Meeting, 19-30 September 2005, ITU is pleased to 
>announce that a limited number of fellowships will be available to 
>developing country representatives from Government and from NGOs and 
>civil society entities, with priority being given to participants 
>from Least Developed Countries.
>Rules governing the administration of fellowships for the WSIS Third 
>Preparatory Meeting, Geneva, from 19-30 September 2005A.1
>Application procedure
>Submission of a nomination form duly completed (see Form), signed 
>and endorsed by the official responsible to nominate candidates in 
>the organization must be received no later than
>5 August 2005
>Profile of candidate:
>Government participants: Senior Managers responsible for ICT-related 
>issues at decision-making or policy level.
>NGOs and civil society entities: Senior members of accredited NGOs 
>and civil society entities with active participation in WSIS.
>Validated, signed applications may be forwarded to:
>WSIS Fellowships
>Fax:            +41 22 730 5778
>Email:            wsis-fellowships at itu.int
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