[governance] Vixie comments on WGIG

Milton Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Jul 22 21:43:19 EDT 2005

These are important comments. Vixie will carry weight with the technical
and business communities in the USA. Consider the following: 

"The Internet is just too important, culturally and economically, for
the world to tolerate unbounded unilateral control over its development.
No matter how well USG's unilateral control might have worked in earlier
days, those days are over." 

Interesting, important and surprising that this is the FIRST time in
the WGIG/WSIS and ICANN space that someone's drawn a connection between
privacy and the DNSSEC bandwagon:

"any zone that deploys DNSSEC as specified gives up any subdomain
naming privacy they thought they had. [snip] While this lack of naming
privacy is commercially uncomfortable for a number of Gtld's, when
combined with WHOIS data, it's an actual violation of the law."

Here's another salient warning:

"when I think of the way national sovereignty has been abused to turn
telecommunications access fees into major GDP sources, I already don't
think I'm going to like the endgame if "regulation" occurs in the area
of international Internet peering and interconnection." 


>>> Paul Wilson <pwilson at apnic.net> 07/20/05 11:07 PM >>>

> Hi Bret, thank you for the link. I find Vixie's comments surprising.
> expected some form of rant and found this instead:


Paul Vixie is someone with whom some people often seem to disagree, but
my opinion he is always worth listening to.  :-)

Paul Wilson.

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