[governance] Will the Super-State of ATLANTIS include Puerto Rico ???

Jim Fleming JimFleming at ameritech.net
Fri Dec 23 18:11:01 EST 2005

Will the Super-State of ATLANTIS include Puerto Rico ???

ATLANTIS - Florida, Georgia and Alabama

People meeting in ATLANTIS are trying to decide if Puerto Rico should also
be included.

At the present time, Puerto Rico has very little band-width to the big
Routing (aka Forwarding) currently flows mostly via other islands that do
have the bandwidth
to be part of ATLANTIS.

A democratic vote is being arranged to decide on the future of ATLANTIS.
ATLANTIS has their own address allocations and could extend those to include
Puerto Rico
and Cuba, when that regime changes. Some prefer to have Cuba, Puerto Rico
and Jamaica
form their own Super-State. ATLANTIS is stable with Florida, Georgia and

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