[governance] Civil Society Statement 2005 - DRAFT Version 4.1 -tracked

Ralf Bendrath bendrath at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 17 19:50:40 EST 2005

Jeanette Hofmann wrote:
> Good, I consider the issue settled. The last 2 sentences of the IG 
> section will be removed.
I am sorry for coming back to this so late, but I was traveling and only
today worked on version 4.3 (4.2 was an internal version after great
copy-editing and proofreading by Michael Gurstein).

I wrote before that I can take the last sentence out (which really is
odd), but will keep the second to last:
"Equally it is essential that as this awareness develops in newer users of
the Internet, older users must be open to the new perspectives that will

This statement came from people who are not on this list and therefore can
not follow the discussion here. I don't see any problem with it, and the
ones who submitted it (IIRC is was Tracey Naughton who wrote this
sentence, but similar wording had also come from a different corner) had
their reasons for this point. This is especially true since I heard no
objections to _this_ sentence besides "it is self-evident".
Again, as I wrote in reply to McTim:
Not so self-evident to everybody, otherwise it would not have been
submitted. I guess the "not necessary, but don't seriously disagree" rule
applies here. I will keep it in.

To repeat myself again: If every caucus treats the respective chapter of
the statement as its "own" and does not allow any changes from others, we
could have done this much easier and faster. In that case Karen and myself
would not have had to waste our time facilitating - we just had needed
staples instead. Many other sections were changed (often a couple of
times) by input from people not in the respective caucus, but in the end
the caucuses agreed to everything. There is no default exception for this

Thanks for your understanding.

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