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Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Wed Dec 14 08:48:10 EST 2005

Please see attached, seems to be a very near final version of the 
civil society statement.

I hope someone who has been following discussions on the list will 
take a look and see if view are reflected.  Sorry, I've not been 
tracking this discussion closely.

But. The paragraph about ccTLDs should mention distinct economies, 
not just countries. Shame there's no mention of paragraphs 69-71.



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>Hi all,
>attached find a new version 4.1, which incorporates the input from 
>the French and Spanish speaking folks. I had to do some 
>copy-editing, of course, and some proposals were moved to different 
>chapters where I felt they fit better.
>As there were a number of changes, especially from the Finance 
>Caucus, I have attached a "track changes" version.
>--> Please have a quick look at the changes from version 4.0 to this 
>one and let us know at <cs-dec at wsis-cs.org> if there are any 
>problems. We can only accept language proposals that fit, no pure 
>blaiming and complaining.
>We are still waiting for the outcome of discussions on two 
>paragraphs (noted in the text), where different groups have some 
>difficulties to come up with consensus text. I have myself developed 
>compromise proposals for each, but am not yet sure they will be 
>We hope to have the final version ready by tomorrow evening, so we 
>can release it on Thursday.
>--> Can someone start drafting a short press release? I can't do 
>this on top of facilitating the drafting, and we have so many 
>professional journalists here...
>Best, Ralf
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