[governance] ICANN - Request for Proposals for Independent Evaluator for GNSO Review

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sat Dec 17 17:19:22 EST 2005

Actually the people who read this list can make their own 
conclusions. That's why I decided not to give any. And I asked what's 
the solution. Just saying "Oh, that's the problem" doesn't make any 
sense. In this aspect, your mail does not bring to the solution.

As for who spent how much time "around".... Again an empty statement. 
There's no way to calculate time "around".

I've been reading all these e-mails and often I'd stay quiet, 
regardless of the content. Today's acusation by Danny on the ICANN 
staff is not something that I would pass with silence.

As for your statements about my motives - another moment of silence, 
as I don't think this list should deal with me, or you, or Danny. It 
deals with real problems, not with ones which once put on the table, 
lead the discussion in the wrong direction, and thus do not bring us 
solutions, but more problems.


At 17:10 17-12-05  -0500, Joe Baptista wrote:
>you obviously not well versed in the icann process.  danny's
>interpretation is correct.  danny has been around longer then you and he
>knows how the processes work in fact - as opposed to fiction which is the
>icann way.
>All I see her of your argument is a need to be heard - but nothing in it
>is factual - only speculative arguments which bear probably excuses.
>Icann does as icann pleases - those are the fact if you had been paying
>attention all these years since it's formation.

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