[governance] Striking the right balance between private and public interests on the Internet

Hervé Le Crosnier herve at info.unicaen.fr
Thu Dec 8 05:05:52 EST 2005

Milton Mueller a écrit :
>>>>Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at internatif.org> 12/6/2005 4:01 PM >>>
>>>It is easy to do this cheaply and quickly via VSAT.
>>At the cost of national independance (unless you own the satellite).
> Stephane. I didn't expect to hear the old "we must protect telephone monopolies to maintain our national independence" line from you. Last time I heard that it was from the Chinese communist party. National independence from what - efficient supply of telecom services? consumer choice? 


	May be that's something about "citizen's choice".

	At the present time, there's no international citizenry.
	So Nations, like it or not, are one favorite place
	for example to expect one country not to follow the war
	adventure of another one. Any recent problem really suggested.

	There are international movements,which constitute the
	whole civil society. And their aims, as far as i know, are
	not only about consumerism, neither about efficiency.

	There are some insight to what can be an international
	law, for example the International Tribunal... but some
	contries don't want to recognize it.

	And there are international forums (and the whole WSIS,
	with no treaty at the outcome can be understand as one
	of these).

	That are some walks on the way.

	But to intervene on the global arena, one need not to
	be dependant of another one tehcnology. That's why
	like-minded countries want an "access to knowledge" treaty.

	Societies, and more global societies, are not only about
	the cheaper choice to the higher efficiency.

Hervé Le Crosnier

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