[governance] Invitation to join New TLD Policy Development discussions

Danny Younger dannyyounger at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 14:33:24 EST 2005

Dear Jovan,

Former ICANN Board member Abril i Abril
(amadeu at nominalia.com) offered guidance to the
proponents of the .cat TLD (for the Catalan cultural
and linguistic community).  As he has experience in
sheparding a gTLD proposal from concept to fruition,
it might be advisable to obtain the benefit of his
counsel and experience.

Additionally, I would advise developing a familiarity
with other sTLD proposals by reviewing the process and
documents collected at

Best wishes,

--- Jovan Kurbalija <jovank at diplomacy.edu> wrote:

> Dear Danny,
> This is very useful info. Another possible
> interesting point..
> Diplo is currently running a project on Roma
> (Gypsies) Diplomacy. One of the
> slogans that we have been using is "virtual
> diplomacy for a virtual nation".
> "Virtual diplomacy" = using ICT/Internet to
> corodinate various Roma
> initiatives. "Virtual nation" = the Roma do not
> occupy or claim any
> territory (a key elements in traditional
> nation-building movements); at the
> same time they have distinctive ethnic
> characteristics and differences that
> could qualify them as a nation (e.g. language,
> culture, shared origins and
> shared history of discrimination). 
> In June 2005, at the beginning of the Roma
> programme, I wanted to assign
> course participants the task to develop a strategy
> for creating a "Roma
> domain" (rom?). Since they are a "virtual nation"
> they will have to take
> gTLD. June was not the best timing because of the
> "xxx" debate. 
> I will be meeting our Roma group on Thursday. What
> could you suggest as the
> next step? Can we give them the task to create a
> strategy to develop a gTLD
> for Roma? I do not see any controversy. On the
> contrary, it could be one
> widely supported gTLD. 
> Here is the link to the Roma Diplomacy Programme:
> http://www.diplomacy.edu/Roma/
> and Conference (to be held this week):
> http://www.diplomacy.edu/Roma/conference.asp
> Jovan
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