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Thu Jan 13 08:49:26 EST 2022

or researcher at Social Science Research Center Berlin for Social Research =
(WZB), Research Officer at London School of Economics and Political Science=
, and also professor at Humboldt - University of Berlin.

As part of the civil society, Subi Chaturvedi is an activist-academician, f=
rom Delhi University, and also an active research scholar at the Indian Ins=
titute of technology (IIT-D). As a media critic she writes extensively on b=
est practices on Internet governance and the way forward through a bottoms =
up, inclusive, multistakeholder, approach to preserve core internet values.

Representing the private sector, Andile Ngcaba is chairman, founder and maj=
ority shareholder of investment group Convergence Partners.

Complementing the group and representing the technical community is Fadi Ch=
ehade, President and CEO of ICANN, that holds more than 25 years of experie=
nce in building and leading progressive Internet enterprises.

Together, the multistakeholder chairmanship will ensure coordination among =
all the committees and the success of the conference. They will have their =
first meeting this Friday, February 14th, where they will discuss further c=
oordination mechanisms, document drafting process, among other internal det=


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