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30 years! Time just flies when you're having fun! This is a restream of the
two events in Geneva and London yesterday, with some fixing of sync and
levels.  . London featured a surprise appearance by the city's Mayor. And
even royalty have shown interest
<https://twitter.com/RoyalFamily/status/1103633095213936640> in Sir Tim's

[image: livestream] <https://livestream.com/internetsociety/web30>In 1989
the world’s largest physics laboratory, *CERN <https://home.cern/>*, was a
hive of ideas and information stored on multiple incompatible computers. *Sir
Tim Berners-Lee* envisioned a unifying structure for linking information
across different computers, and wrote a proposal in March 1989 called
Management: A Proposal <http://info.cern.ch/Proposal.html>*".

By 1991 this vision of universal connectivity had become the World Wide Web.

To celebrate 30 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee's proposal and to
kick-start a series of celebrations worldwide, CERN hosted a *30th
Anniversary event <https://web30.web.cern.ch/>* in the morning of 12 March
2019 in partnership with the *World Wide Web Consortium
<https://www.w3.org/>* (W3C) and with the *World Wide Web Foundation
<https://webfoundation.org/>*. Later in the day the *Science Museum
<https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/>* in London, the home of *the original
NeXT Computer <http://bit.ly/2DZeF8O> *used by Sir Tim to design the World
Wide Web, ran a *second event
also in partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation.

Sir Tim spoke at both events, and both will be restreamed in full
today* Wednesday
13 March* on the *Internet Society Livestream Channel
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/>*, starting at *09:00 EDT* (13:00

*VIEW ON LIVESTREAM*: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/web30 (No

*Welcome and Introduction*

   - Welcome by *Anna Cook* - master of ceremonies
   - Opening talk by *Fabiola Gianotti* - CERN Director General

*Let’s Share What We Know* - panel discussion

   - Chair: *Frédéric Donck*
   - Speakers: *Tim Berners-Lee*, *Robert Cailliau*, *Jean-François
Groff*, *Lou
   Montulli*, *Zeynep Tufekci*

*For Everyone *- conversation

   - Sir *Tim Berners-Lee* and *Bruno Giussani*

*Towards the Future* - panel discussion

   - Chair:* Bruno Giussani*
   - Speakers: *Doreen Bogdan-Martin*, *Jovan Kurbalija*, *Monique
Morrow*, *Zeynep

*Closing Remarks*

   - *Charlotte Warakaulle* - CERN Director for International Relations

*PHOTOS*: https://cds.cern.ch/record/2665683

   - *Imogen Heap* — Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer.
   - *Matt Brittin* — President, EMEA Business & Operations at Google
   - *Roya Mahboob* — The NewNow Leader, Tech Entrepreneur & Women’s Rights
   - *Taylor Wilson* — The NewNow Leader, Nuclear Physicist, Science
   Advocate & Inventor
   - *Dr. Anne-Marie Imafido*n MBE — Technology thought leader and founder
   and CEO of STEMettes
   - *Sadiq Khan*, Mayor of London
   - *Sir Tim Berners-Lee* in conversation with BBC journalist *Samira

*TWITTER*: #web30 https://bit.ly/web30tweets



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