[bestbits] [governance] IMPORTANT : Merging IGC with Best Bits

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Tue Jan 8 15:35:58 EST 2019

I support the idea of merging. BB served a useful purpose for a while 
but that time has past.

I suggest the easiest way to do this is for BB to decide to disband, and 
encourage any remaining members who are not already on the IGC mailing 
list to join up there.


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>A good idea as this is, can we get the genesis of how CS was split into 
>different groupings?
>On Tue, Jan 8, 2019, 8:31 PM Sheetal Kumar <sheetal at gp-digital.org 
>>Dear all,
>>(dropping IGC as this is just for Bestbits members) Firstly, happy new 
>>year! I am writing to follow up on the conversation with regards to a 
>>proposal to merge IGC and Bestbits, discussed by those who attended 
>>the call organised last December.
>>As noted earlier, the merger of the two groups was suggested as a way 
>>of avoiding duplication of work between groups, pooling resources and 
>>streamlining efforts so that they're more focused and coordinated - 
>>particularly around key forums and events.
>>It would be interesting to hear feedback on this idea, positive or 
>>otherwise. Otherwise, I suggest another call to decide next steps?
>>On Fri, 21 Dec 2018 at 02:46, ian.peter at ianpeter.com 
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>>>Hi Arsene,
>>>Mergers are difficult and imagine that both sides are going to have 
>>>to change structurally so that they can work together. Both 
>>>organisations have working rules and practices, changing both sets 
>>>will be complex and I think unnecessary.
>>>My opinion is that, in this case, BB should just decide to fold - and 
>>>in doing so, encourage its members to join IGC if they are not 
>>>already involved.
>>>That's a lot simpler and leaves IGC intact and continuing as an 
>>>umbrella groups for civil society involvement in internet governance.
>>>(Best Bits copied in). Just suggesting this because I think it is a 
>>>lot easier.
>>>Ian Peter
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>>>>Milton, i think i tried to explain why i was suggesting that. Sorry 
>>>>if that was not clear. The reason is simple: we agreed to take time 
>>>>to discuss the merger issue within the two groups separately. So, if 
>>>>we Cc both lists that means to me we are not doing separately 
>>>>anymore. That’s my understanding and i may be wrong.
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>>>>>On 20 Dec 2018, at 23:32, Mueller, Milton L <milton at gatech.edu> 
>>>>>Why segregate the discussions, Arsene?
>>>>>I don't understand that. It merely perpetuates the problem of a 
>>>>>fragmented and uncoordinated civil society!
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>>>>>>Farzaneh, all,
>>>>>>While we are still discussing and I do appreciate the discussion, 
>>>>>>may I please
>>>>>>suggest we keep discussions separate in each specific group?
>>>>>>As I said in my original email, the issue of a merger should be 
>>>>>>SEPARATELY at the IGC and Best Bits lists.
>>>>>>Each group needs to have an internal discussion.
>>>>>>So, please do not Cc both groups when communicating. Some members 
>>>>>>on both lists and have posting rights on both but others don't, 
>>>>>>this may lead
>>>>>>to having fragmented pieces of emails when everyone is responding.
>>>>>>Hope this makes sense.
>>>>>>2018-12-17 23:33 UTC+02:00, farzaneh badii 
>>>>>><farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>:
>>>>>>>Thanks Arsene.
>>>>>>>We need to decide on merging IGC and BestBits. The suggestion 
>>>>>>>from the fact that we have not been active much during the past 
>>>>>>>Also fragmented efforts are a strain on resources. Having 
>>>>>>>elections and multiple groups to coordinate (with really minimal
>>>>>>>differences) and then not be active at all for a year is not 
>>>>>>>De told us that apparently there is some kind of consensus method 
>>>>>>>if I
>>>>>>>am not mistaken. De, is there a documented approach?
>>>>>>>I think the most important is to discuss why BestBits was created 
>>>>>>>whether the reasons still stand and how BestBits members feel 
>>>>>>>the merge. Maybe the ones with strong objections can be 
>>>>>>maybe not.
>>>>>>>Lets have the conversation. If we do not see a strong objection
>>>>>>>(multiple organizations, individuals object and give reasons as 
>>>>>>>to why
>>>>>>>BestBits should remain even if dormant), then we can decide on 
>>>>>>>merge. If there are strong objections, then we will not go with 
>>>>>>>the merge.
>>>>>>>From what I see from BestBits website, the following individuals 
>>>>>>>at the steering committee of BestBits:
>>>>>>>- Nighat Dad
>>>>>>>- Poncelet Ileleji
>>>>>>>- Renata Ribeiro
>>>>>>>- Dave Burstein
>>>>>>>- Imran Ahmed Shah [second term of election]
>>>>>>>- Antonella Perini [co-opted by committee]
>>>>>>>Besbits CSCG Representatives
>>>>>>>- Claudio Lucena Neto (2018-2019)
>>>>>>>- Sheetal Kumar (2017-2018)
>>>>>>>Does this list still stand? Do the steering committee members of
>>>>>>>BestBits and the reps on CSCG would like to weigh in?
>>>>>>>I know Sheetal was on the call. Would be good to hear from 
>>>>>>>On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM Arsène Tungali
>>>>>>><governance at lists.riseup.net>
>>>>>>>>Hi everyone,
>>>>>>>>You have probably seen this already on a different thread but 
>>>>>>>>it well to have this discussion solely on the IGC list (as I 
>>>>>>>>Best Bits to do the same), that's why i started this thread 
>>>>>>>>hoping to
>>>>>>>>hear from you on this important question.
>>>>>>>>This need for merging was raised by some IGC members during a 
>>>>>>>>society call that had mostly IGC and Best Bits participants; 
>>>>>>>>many of
>>>>>>>>whom are both IGC and Best Bits (BB) members. The call happened 
>>>>>>>>week and Farzaneh offered to share the link to the recording.
>>>>>>>>I will not go into much details about the rationale but would 
>>>>>>>>anyone to weigh in and share their reasoning on whether or not 
>>>>>>>>should merge both lists. We will need to also answer the 
>>>>>>>>question on
>>>>>>>>how (who is doing what?) will this happen? Is the IGC going to 
>>>>>>>>BB or the latter becoming IGC? Or are we working towards a 
>>>>>>>>group where members of both groups will all be added?
>>>>>>>>This brings back to my memory the whole hassle we had to migrate
>>>>>>>>(SAVE?) this list and allow us to have this discussion list 
>>>>>>>>hasn't been quite active for a few months but where many feel 
>>>>>>>>safe to
>>>>>>>>share IG related updates). So i hope we discuss and take into 
>>>>>>>>the technical cost of the merging process (should it happen).
>>>>>>>>I am also not sure how we will gauge consensus about this 
>>>>>>>>question on
>>>>>>>>this list? Should we vote? How long do we take to decide? Should 
>>>>>>>>consult IGC 'founders' or former Co-coordinators separately and 
>>>>>>>>them what they think?
>>>>>>>>During the call, Bruna and I offered to have a decision by
>>>>>>>>mid-January and we hope this is realistic given the holiday 
>>>>>>>>We will then report to the group.
>>>>>>>>I just wanted to throw this all here and would REALLY appreciate 
>>>>>>>>discussion that will help us move forward and come to a 
>>>>>>>>Best regards,
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