[bestbits] Two CFPs for academic conference

Dmitry Epstein dmitry.epstein at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 05:26:34 EST 2019

Dear BestBits community,

This is just a quick reminder that there a few days left to submit your
work to these two events: one on internet governance and another on privacy.

Looking forward to your submissions!


On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 11:21 AM Dmitry Epstein <dmitry.epstein at gmail.com>

> Dear Best Bits community,
> I hope those of you engaged in research will find the following two
> opportunities interesting. Both are for satellite events of the annual
> meeting of the International Communication Association to be held in
> Washington, DC in May this year (additional details in the links).
>    - ICA Pre-Conference "Internet Governance and Communication beyond
>    Boundaries" -
>    https://www.giga-net.org/call-for-papers-ica-pre-conference-washington-dc-usa/
>    - ICA Post-Conference "Privacy research across cultural, political,
>    and geographic boundaries" - http://www.thinkmacro.org/cprn/ica2019/
> Please consider submitting your work.
> Best,
> Dmitry
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