[bestbits] Save the Date: Day '0' at RightsCon- 11 June 2019 -- Workshop on a "digital justice manifesto"

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Dear All

*Join us this year at the RightsCon and be part of shaping **what
**equity and social justice means in a digital world.*
Just Net Coalition will be hosting a workshop "What social movements
need to do in the age of data? Towards a digital justice manifesto"
atDay '0' of the RightsCon Summit at Tunis this year on *11 June 2019
from 9:30-12:00 PM.* 

This event is planned as a follow up of our recently concluded three day
Workshop on Global Digital Justice in Bangkok in March 2019. We plan to
take forward one of the critical agendas that came out of the Bangkok
meeting - the need for a digital justice manifesto. Drawing from the
building blocks that came out of the meeting, our workshop at Tunis will
be aimed at further developing key categories and the framework of the
Digital Justice Manifesto.

In 2018, we successfully organized a satellite event ‘Contending with
the digital frontier – What next for social movements?’ for Day ‘0’ of
RightsCon in Toronto. The event aimed at brokering a dialogue between
actors from social movements and members of the digital rights community
and explore the possibility of creating common pathways for data and
digital justice. This year we wish to workshop the digital justice
manifesto and enrich it through the learnings from a structured
inter-movement dialogue.

If you are attending RightsCon this year, please do plan your travel to
be able to join us for this workshop and what is sure to be an engaged
and productivediscussion. Please also share widely with networks and
colleagues who are considering RightsCon on their calendar this year.

A more detailed program and agenda will follow shortly from our end. In
the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.



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