[bestbits] We need your input: Survey on "Putting cybersecurity on the rights track"

Alex Comninos alex.comninos at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 12:17:43 EDT 2019

Dear All, 

APC is implementing a small exploratory project “Putting cybersecurity on the rights track” with the support of Mozilla. The goal of the project is to help APC develop a research and advocacy strategy to make sure that cybersecurity, policy and norms are influenced by civil society and progressive techie voices so that these policies consistently integrate a rights-based approach.

To develop this longer term strategy and larger project plan we need APC members and partners to tell us what they see as critical issues, needs, and opportunities - at national, regional and global levels.

To get your input we have developed a survey to help APC map the cybersecurity ecosystem in order to:
* establish who the key actors and institutions are
* where critical cybersecurity decisions are being made at global, regional, and national levels
* identify opportunities to advance human rights-based approaches to cybersecurity
* identify cybersecurity-related threats to human rights
* help identify cybersecurity-related issues and concepts for which resources (explainers, briefings, etc.) would be valuable
* investigate where APC should focus its further work in the area, including research
This survey should take around 30-35 minutes. We sincerely appreciate your participation by next Wednesday, April 17.

You will find it here. https://limesurvey.apc.org/index.php/984143?lang=en
Please send questions to Alex or Mehar at alex.comninos at gmail.com or mehar at apc.org

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

"Putting cybersecurity on the rights track" project team
Anriette Esterhuysen; Deborah Brown; Alex Comninos (researche consultant) and Mehar Gujral (policy analyst intern)
Alex Comninos

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