[bestbits] OFF-TOPIC - Brazil: Return to Terror

Sylvia Cadena sylvia at apnic.net
Sun Oct 28 21:23:33 EDT 2018

Following the news with real concern, dear Carlos.

Just left without words at the grim future as he has been declared president.

Wishing you and all the dear colleagues and friends in Brazil that have worked so hard for human rights that all your fears do not come true, and more importantly that people are safe, free and able to continue to do their work.




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Very sad that this has happened, Carlos. Lurches to the right seem commonplace these days.

Brazil was a great leader as regards multistakeholder internet governance initiatives, and I do hope that all is not lost with this change. Certainly what has been achieved in the past sets a great example and part of history which I hope is not forgotten.


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Dear colleagues, this article may give you an idea of what might happen
in Brazil with the presidential elections tomorrow.

Sorry for this, but the situation may be terrifying for anyone who
opposes the ultra-right-wing candidate. The article by Pablo Villaça (in
English) is an accurate review:


The article is also attached in PDF.

Bolsonaro threatens to liquidate all NGOs and social movements -- who
can choose between prison and exile. Fundamental achievements like our
multistakeholder Internet governance system, our Internet Bill of
Rights, and many other human rights-related laws are at risk.

fraternal regards



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