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Very sad that this has happened, Carlos. Lurches to the right seem 
commonplace these days.

Brazil was a great leader as regards multistakeholder internet 
governance initiatives, and I do hope that all is not lost with this 
change. Certainly what has been achieved in the past sets a great 
example and part of history which I hope is not forgotten.


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>Dear colleagues, this article may give you an idea of what might happen
>in Brazil with the presidential elections tomorrow.
>Sorry for this, but the situation may be terrifying for anyone who
>opposes the ultra-right-wing candidate. The article by Pablo Villaça 
>English) is an accurate review:
>The article is also attached in PDF.
>Bolsonaro threatens to liquidate all NGOs and social movements -- who
>can choose between prison and exile. Fundamental achievements like our
>multistakeholder Internet governance system, our Internet Bill of
>Rights, and many other human rights-related laws are at risk.
>fraternal regards
>Carlos A. Afonso
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