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Dear all,

In light of our participation in the IGF last week, the Global Forum for
Media Development (GFMD) released a statement
today calling
on the global Internet governance community to recognise the need for
broader inclusion of journalism and the news media community within the IGF
and wider Internet governance ecosystem. It also encourages the journalism
support and media development community to be more engaged in Internet
governance bodies and processes.

By issuing this statement, we seek to promote the spirit of
multi-stakeholder cooperation while communicating our willingness to work
collaboratively to address some of the most pressing digital, democratic,
and informational challenges.

In remarks included in the statement, GFMD Executive Director Mira
Milosevic said:

*“We recognise that the journalism support and media development community
> is in a prime position to add its expertise and insight to Internet
> governance discussions. Connecting these two communities is critical for
> making sure that quality journalism and news media issues are considered in
> the Internet governance debates and processes and ultimately secure a
> viable space in the digital marketplace of ideas.”*

The statement accompanies the launch last Monday during the second annual
Media Development and Internet Governance Symposium of an issue paper
journalism, news media, and Internet governance that GFMD collaboratively
wrote with several of our members and partners across the journalism
support and media development community. We encourage all stakeholders to
read it and offer comments, feedback, and ideas for collaboration.

Please direct all correspondence to: moghia at gfmd.info


Michael J. Oghia | Advocacy & engagement manager
Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)
moghia at gfmd.info | https://gfmd.info | @MediaGFMD
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