[bestbits] End of the year civil society meeting/ briefing

farzaneh badii farzaneh.badii at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 16:09:56 EST 2018

Dear all,

We had a good online meeting with up to 25 civil society members in
attendance on 13 December. I have the recording I can share with you. (I
have asked if sharing the recording was ok with the participants there was
no objection, but I give it a couple of more days before I share the

There was a brief overview of what was done during last year in venues such
as RightsCon etc.
The issues that were discussed (as much as I remember):

We also discussed the merge of IGC and BestBits. It was decided that the
co-coordinator of BB and IGC discuss and give a couple of weeks deadline to
come to a conclusion on whether a merge would be good.

the suggestion to merge comes from the fact that civil society IG
activities (especially at IGF) became fragmented. We need to pool our
resources and I think Jeremy mentioned that the reasons behind the creation
of BB are not around anymore. I believe we should make a decision on that
soon hopefully and start pooling our resources into one effort.

The idea of mapping initiatives and focal points:
To keep things going and be more active in 2019, it would be good to map
initiatives (Collin Kurre from Article 19 has good ideas about that)

I also suggested that we have focal points for each event or forum if we
want to for example organize a session or be more coordinated in our

I volunteered to help IGC with coordination for  IGF 2019, and civil
society pre-event. I will also help IGC with drafting something a public
comment for IGF taking stock call.


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