[bestbits] New pro-Internet child protection NGO Prostasia Foundation

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Tue Apr 17 01:53:19 EDT 2018

Child protection organizations haven't always seen eye-to-eye with the
digital rights organizations in the Internet governance space,
particularly on issues such as censorship and surveillance. Today I
announced the formation of a new NGO, Prostasia Foundation, that seeks
to address child protection in a way that is more closely aligned with
those of other civil society groups in the Internet governance
community. This is something that I'm doing in my own time, independent
from my day job which continues at EFF, in collaboration with child
sexual abuse survivors, and experts from fields such as mental health,
criminal justice reform, and the sex industry.

Prostasia Foundation is based around the values of child protection,
upholding human and civil rights, and sex positivity. Its mission is to
ensure that the elimination of child sexual abuse is achieved
consistently with the highest values of the society that we would like
our children to grow up in. Therefore although Prostasia has no
tolerance for child sexual abuse (including CSA imagery), we may take a
different stance from other child protection groups on a range of issues
such as intermediary liability, censorship, and adult sex work. Instead,
we prioritize research into measures that can effectively prevent
offending behavior from taking place to begin with, while respecting the
rights of others.

I have a PDF information document that I can send you by way of
introduction on request, but you can also consult our website (which
currently redirects to a crowdfunding campaign) at https://prost.asia,
our Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/ProstasiaInc, and our Facebook
page at http://fb.com/ProstasiaInc. You can also read our press release
here: https://prost.asia/pr.pdf. If you have any questions about
Prostasia you can email me at jeremy at prost.asia.

Jeremy Malcolm PhD LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet lawyer, ICT policy advocate, geek
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