[bestbits] Results of Best Bits steering committee election

Renata Aquino Ribeiro raquino at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 13:30:15 EDT 2017

Hi Jeremy and all

Thank you for the participation in this election and thanks Jeremy for
helping us conduct this process and continuing on helping the new SC.

While I value engagement in the elections, I also value volunteers who
stand up to do work for the community and conduct themselves with
transparency and willingness to provide information. This is what
Antonella did, sending her SOI, naming who nominated her, so her
transparent steps in this process were remarkable and I would be glad
to welcome her in the SC in equal footing to the other members.

I am also grateful and humbled by the votes received and for all the
other SC members.
This is a strong team and I'm sure Bestbits will be strengthened for
new times and challenges for civil society in internet governance.



On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 2:02 PM, Jeremy Malcolm <jmalcolm at eff.org> wrote:
> The results of the Best Bits steering committee election are in.
> Ballots were sent to the 519 members of this list who have been members for
> two months prior to the election, although some of these bounced.  134 of
> these members clicked on the invitation email, but only 63 of them followed
> through and completed the voting forum by clicking the submit button on the
> page.  (The former figure might not be completely accurate, because some
> corporate email systems will automatically click on links in email, to check
> whether they are phishing or as part of a malware scan.  But we can be
> pretty confident about the latter figure.)
> Although we had more available positions on the steering committee than
> nominees, because of the availability of "no candidate" as an option, I have
> applied the criterion that in order to be elected to the steering committee
> you must have had more people voting for you than voting for "no candidate".
> With 63 votes cast, this means that the threshold for election was 32 votes.
> In other words, if 31 people didn't want you on the committee but 32 people
> did, you would be elected.
> Of the 63 votes, 15 did not want a steering committee to be elected at all;
> in other words they voted "no candidate" for every position.  Of the
> remaining 48:
> 3 voted for the election of a only single member
> 4 voted for the election of only two members
> 4 voted for the election of only three members
> 12 voted for the election of only four members
> 7 voted for the election of only five members
> 18 voted for the election of all six members
> The precise number of votes received for each candidate was as follows:
> Nighat Dad: 38 votes
> Poncelet Ileleji: 38 votes
> Renata Ribeiro: 37 votes
> Dave Burstein: 37 votes
> Imran Ahmed Shah: 33 votes
> Antonella Perini: 31 votes
> This means that only one candidate received less than 32 votes, but only a
> single vote less, which is virtually a rounding error!  So I feel bad for
> Antonella Perini and I would like to point out to the new steering committee
> that if they would like to co-opt her onto the committee as an honorary
> non-voting member, past precedent would allow them to do this.  Also, this
> would ensure that the steering committee has a 50/50% equal gender balance,
> as well as giving effect to the most popular choice that there should be a
> steering committee of six.  Nevertheless, I leave this for the new committee
> to decide.
> Congratulations to the new elected Best Bits committee members!  I would
> also like offer my services to the new committee to assist them with
> administrative duties, such as maintenance of the website and mailing list,
> if required.
> If anyone would like to review the raw data from the polling software in
> order to verify the results as I have presented them, please let me know and
> I will send it to you as a spreadsheet.
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