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Richard Wingfield richard at gp-digital.org
Thu Sep 21 08:41:16 EDT 2017

Dear all,

Following on from my email last week on our new Travel Guide to the Digital
World – Encryption Policy for Human Rights Defenders
I wanted to let you know that we have today launched a new tool for
encryption advocates, an interactive world map of national encryption laws
and policies

The map provides details on all known laws and policies for each country in
the world relating to encryption, which we've divided into six categories:

   - General right to encryption
   - Import/export controls
   - Licensing/registration requirements
   - Min/max standards
   - Powers to intercept/decrypt encrypted communications
   - Other restrictions

You can either look at all of a particular country's laws and policies, or
see at a glance all the countries in the world which have laws or policies
falling into one of those categories.

We want this tool to be used as much as possible, so please do share the
map with any colleagues, partners or networks who might find it useful. We
also strongly welcome your feedback. In particular, the information
relating to each country’s national laws and policies has been collected
through publicly available information, which we have found sometimes not
always be as complete or up-to-date as we would have liked. While we have
sought to validate all the information collected, if you have any further
information about the laws or policies in a particular country, or spot any
inaccuracies on the map, we would be really grateful if you could let us

Many thanks,


*Richard Wingfield*
Second Home, 68 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL
T: +44 (0)203 818 3258 | Skype: richard at gp-digital.org
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