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Hello everyone,

You will find below the May's issue of the Digital Watch newsletter. Topics
covered this month include WannaCry ransomware, the role of digital policy
in elections and the potential impact of court decisions on the future of
the sharing economy.

All the best,

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*In May's issue of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter...*

*[image: Digital Watch newsletter Issue 20]
latest trends & digital policy developments*
Highlights include: the increase in ransomware cyber-attacks; the CJEU's
opinion that can impact the future of Uber and the sharing economy; the
FCC's proposal that could roll back net neutrality rules in the USA; the
growing number of bilateral settlements of tax disputes involving
technology companies; and the sanctions imposed on Facebook by data
protection authorities in Europe. *Turn to pages 1, 3, 4-5*

*Is cybersecurity counter-intuitive?*
We give an overview of how the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack propagated,
and the damages it caused. We also explore why the ransom it generated was
significantly low, despite the scale of the attack. *Turn to page 6*

*The role of digital policy in campaigns and elections*
Since digital issues were prominent in European electoral campaigns this
month (in countries such as France, the UK, and Malta), we look at how
digital policy is used in campaigns, and what it represents. *Turn to page

*Are you GDPR-ready?*
As the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into
effect a year from now, we invite you to test your knowledge with our
crossword. *Turn to page 8*

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