[bestbits] Accountability group puts Google in same league as big oil and big tobacco

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Thu Jul 20 00:45:25 EDT 2017

On Monday 17 July 2017 10:43 PM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> On 16/7/17 6:25 am, parminder wrote:
>> snip
>> Since you share EEF's experience with google fellows, let me ask you a
>> direct question. A few NGOs where Google placed its fellows have told
>> me in the past that Google closely vets final outcomes of any research
>> from these fellows. Is it true by your experience/ knowledge?
> No, it's not true at all.  Who told you that?  And EFF recently
> initiated a complaint about Google to the Federal Trade Commission, so
> you can judge from that how much having Google-funded policy fellows has
> influenced what we do.

I hold EFF's work in highest regard, and often consult it, and I have no
doubt that it is not influenced by placing google fellows there. I was
talking about the actual output of the google fellows. I cannot tell you
who told me that, but I have it from authoritative sources that  google
does vet the output from google fellows in many places.... parminder

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