[bestbits] [governance] Second WGEC meeting26-27 January 2017, Geneva

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
Fri Jan 27 12:08:34 EST 2017

Dear all

The second meeting of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation is
coming to an end. We have some consensus on characteristics of enhanced
cooperation, e.g.:

Consideration of under-represented groups
Responsive to innovation

There are many more. These are just examples. I will share when they are

This afternoon we discussed recommendations. Some members put forward
specific recommendations, others focused on the types of recommendations
they believe the group should make (which is in line with the question
that was put to members and observers prior to this meeting).

Here too there  is some agreement. E.g. on participation of developing

There are divergent views on whether we need new mechanisms, and how
formal these mechanisms should be, and what their role should be.

The impact of the IANA transition having taken place is clear in that
there has not been much focus on ICANN. Some reference has been made to
unfinished issues around ICANN jurisdiction and problems with the GAC.
But they were made in passing and there appears to be consensus that we
are talking about broader issues.

I am happy to say that there is broad agreement that all policy
processes should involve other stakeholders. The differences lie in
whether they are just consulted, or whether they are part of the
decision-making processes :) Not a new issue of course.

There has also been debate on whether we should move beyond the Tunis
Agenda or not.

Currently we are talking about next steps. There will be another meeting
in May, and another in October. We are also discussing how to move
forward in terms of discussing recommendations and producing input
documents for the next meeting.

The spirit in the room remains polite and constructive with the
exception of one moment when there was a tense exchange between a member
and the chair, but that diffused pretty quickly.

Meeting structure could have been more organised, perhaps, but all in
all it did not go badly, and the chair did a very good job.


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