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Dear all,

*[with apologies for cross-posting]*

I am writing to share a just launched a new podcast series
– called *In beta* – which will examine some of the biggest questions
facing the digital policy environment.

Our aim in creating the series is to create an informal space for critical
discussion and debate on a range of issues, cutting across traditional
policy silos. More details on the series concept and design are available
here: http://www.gp-digital.org/news/introducing-our-new-

The series will be hosted by GPD's executive director, Charles Bradley. In
the first episode of the series – available now, here
– he interviews GovLab co-founder Stefaan Verhulst, asking the question: *'Is
policymaking stuck in the 19th century?'*

We'd love to know what you think about the episode and the series concept
more generally. We're planning to record many more podcasts over the coming
months, and are open to ideas – so if you'd like to suggest a guest, a
topic or a question to discuss, drop an email to charles at gp-digital.org.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We'd also
be hugely grateful if you could share this on your networks and channels –
and if you have any other ideas for how we could get the word out, please
let us know.

For reference, the links for sharing are:

   - *Blog post introducing the series and episode*: http://www.gp-digital
   - *The episode itself*: http://www.gp-digital.
   - *GPD's Soundcloud page*: https://soundcloud.com/globalpartnersdigital

*Suggested tweets: *

A new podcast series, In beta, examines the big questions facing the
digital environment. Find out more: http://www.gp-digital.

Is policymaking stuck in the 19th century? A new podcast with
@CBradleyTweets and @sverhulst explores the question: http://www.gp-



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