[bestbits] IGF Invite: #foreveryone and the future of the web

craig.fagan at webfoundation.org craig.fagan at webfoundation.org
Tue Dec 12 06:57:41 EST 2017

Hi all,

For those of you in Geneva for the IGF, please join us on December 20 from
12:00-2:00 pm for a screening of foreveryone.net and a discussion about the
future of the web - particularly in light of challenges to its fundamental
principles like net neutrality.

The event will be hosted at the ITU (5 minutes walking from the IGF venue) and
a light lunch will be served.

For more details and to RSVP, please go to:

All the best,


When Sir Tim Berners-Lee published his proposal for the World Wide Web, he
imagined an open space where anyone could bring their ideas to life without
having to ask for permission.

ForEveryone.net tells the story of the web’s invention and Sir Tim’s mission
to ensure it remains a free and open space.

In 2018, for the first time, half of the world will be online. The question
is, with a number of challenges facing the open web, what kind of web will
they find?

The screening will be followed by a discussion about the future of the web and
what we can do to defend the web we want.


    Adrian Lovett, President & CEO, World Wide Web Foundation


    Nanjira Sambuli, Digital Equality Advocacy Manager, World Wide Web
    Konstantinos Komaitis, Internet Society, Director of Policy Development
    Cathleen Berger, Mozilla, Global Engagement Lead

With thanks to the ITU for hosting this event.


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