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Steve Anderson steve at openmedia.org
Mon Sep 26 11:27:04 EDT 2016

If you're receiving this email it is because I consider you a friend,
family member, or valued collaborator.

I've been increasingly drawn to share the advanced online engagement tools
and strategies I've helped develop at OpenMedia since our founding. We
desperately need to move our societies towards a new mode of operation
based on open participation and I want to help make that shift happen.

I'm happy to share* this blog post
laying out the structure of a new civic engagement social enterprise I've
started called New/Mode <http://newmode.net>. As some of you know I've been
quietly working on this for some time.

Starting something like this is challenging (it's honestly a bit scary) and
your support right now means a lot to me.

*Apart from giving the blog
<https://openmedia.org/en/under-hood-openmedia-has-social-enterprise> a
quick read I have two requests of you:*

1. If you're on Facebook 'Like' this FB post:

2. Please share the post on Facebook
and Twitter
email/other networks.


Thanks to OpenMedia, Vancity Credit Union and a huge networks of
organizations and people who have helped get this off the ground.

It's early days for this project but I'm excited to see where it goes!

If you want more details you can see a write up for the tools here
<http://tools.newmode.net/> - about 15 NGOs are using it including David
Suzuki Foundation, SumOfUs, and GenSqueeze. The tools are or will soon be
available in Canada, USA, UK, and Australia. Send me an email if you want
to learn more.

While part of my attention is shifting I'll continue to work for and
support OpenMedia. There's a lot of great news on that front, but I'll save
that for another email.

*Steve Anderson*
Founder, Senior Strategist and Internet Governance Analyst
OpenMedia.org | *The Internet Needs You -->>* http://openmedia.org

*We've launched a social enterprise! Support OpenMedia and benefit from our
digital engagement tools on your campaigns: tools.newmode.net

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