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Hi Matthew,

I share Pranesh's concerns about how this was handled. I appreciate tight
deadlines sometimes complicate matters, but if the letter was posted on the
site, shouldn't at least an email have been sent to the entire group to
flag the existence of the letter after it was finalised? Why is it
circulating on twitter, but not here?

As a refresher for everyone, I'm posting the BB rules regarding statements
below this email (they can also be found at
http://bestbits.net/wiki/main/procedures/). Please note that they say: "we
would seldom agree to post a text that is final and that only a few groups
from one part of the world drafted". They also note that if the "process
and timetable have not been complied with", this is an acceptable ground
for opposition to the statement being put up on Best Bits.

Clearly, Pranesh is completely in his right to raise the concerns that he
does. It would be good to hear opinions from others on this as well.

Thanks and best regards,

*Producing Best Bits Statements*

   1. Statements are not issued by Best Bits but by individual endorsers,
   and public statements about the statement should be worded with care to
   avoid suggesting otherwise.
   2. In exceptional cases where a large proportion of participants are
   physically present or otherwise actively express their views about a
   statement, and it appears that it enjoys full consensus of those
   participants, they may resolve that it be issued as a statement “of the
   Best Bits network.
   3. Anyone may propose posting a statement (eg. joint letter, submission)
   be posted to the Best Bits website. Any such proposal should be accompanied
   by either:
      - a proposed text, accompanied by a description of the process by
      which it was drafted and a proposed process and timetable for finalising
      and posting it for endorsement; or
      - a proposed process and timetable for drafting, finalising and
      posting the text for endorsement.
   4. The process and timetable may vary depending on context and urgency,
   but in general:
      - the text should be finalised by a fluid working group that is open
      to civil society participants from the main Best Bits mailing list (but
      which might work on a separate mailing list, which could be closed);
      - the timescale for drafting the text should normally be at least 48
      - the draft text should normally be posted to the main Best Bits
      mailing list for comment at least another 48 hours before being posted to
      the website;
      - there should be an adequate balance between inclusiveness of the
      initial drafting process, and the finality of the text. (In
other words, we
      would seldom agree to post a text that is final and that only a
few groups
      from one part of the world drafted.)
   5. Objections to the posting of a text for endorsement may be made at
   the stage of its initial proposal, or at a later stage when the draft text
   is posted for comment, and can be made both on strategic and on substantive
   grounds. Possible grounds for opposition include:
      - The statement is not on-topic for Best Bits.
      - Any proposed statement should not go against the Best Bits
      principles and goals but should in fact further those.
      - The process and timetable are not realistic, or are not inclusive
      - The process and timetable have not been complied with.
   6. However, consensus is not required in order for a text to be posted.
   If significant opposition to the posting of the text has been voiced on the
   main list and cannot be resolved, the steering committee may make a final
   decision about whether or not to post the statement, in consultation with
   at least one proponent of the text and at least one opponent.

On 25 May 2016 at 14:40, Matthew Shears <mshears at cdt.org> wrote:

> Hi Pranesh, all
> This letter was an effort by a small number of US and intl civil society
> groups to address some unfortunate characterizations and spin related to
> human rights and free expression issues associated with the IANA Transition
> that have arisen over the past month in the media and on Capitol Hill.
> The letter was intended to be available for the Senate hearing yesterday
> and to be entered in the record.  It addresses a number of concerns that
> were raised in the hearing.  The statement was only finalized Monday
> night.
> I understand that you have concerns about the power dynamics at play in
> the IANA transition but that is not the purpose of this letter.
> It is up on the BestBits site for sign on.   For those who agree with the
> contents of the letter I encourage you to sign up.
> Thanks!
> Matthew
> On 5/25/2016 9:11 AM, Pranesh Prakash wrote:
> Dear all,
> I recently came across this:
> http://bestbits.net/iana-transition/
> However, I never saw its contents being discussed on this list.  Did I
> somehow fail to receive those messages?
> I am quite concerned about the way the letter takes an uncritical global
> North approach to the IANA transition, and refuses to contend with the
> power dynamics at play.
> The undersigned civil society and public interest groups believe that the
> IANA transition is a positive development for the Domain Name System and
> for the Internet at large, and that the process to develop the transition
> proposal has been a successful expression of multistakeholder approaches to
> Internet decision-making.
> I have pointed out in the past that this IANA transition process fails the
> requirements of the NetMundial Statement, and was primarily led by
> corporate interests in the US, and men:
> http://cis-india.org/internet-governance/blog/global-multistakeholder-community-neither-global-nor-multistakeholder
> Regards,
> Pranesh
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