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Nadira Alaraj nadira.araj at gmail.com
Mon May 23 17:30:36 EDT 2016

Following from the announcement  a few days ago of the IGF Planning
Retreat, CSCG has decided that, while being deeply concerned about the way
this exercise has been announced and the almost impossible timeframes being
suggested for us to endorse suitable civil society candidates,  it will
endorse suitable civil society names by the May 31 deadline given to us. We
will use the best possible selection method we can in the circumstances of
not enough time for a proper evaluation. Although this is not a
satisfactory situation from our point of view, in the spirit of
co-operating towards the introduction of better IGF processes for
multistakeholder representation in the future, we will proceed as best we
can and inform the IGF Secretariat of our intentions.

What this means for civil society candidates seeking CSCG endorsement is
that, in addition to completing the IGF form, you must also send an email
to nomcom08 at internetgov-cs.org, informing CSCG of your nomination and a
brief statement outlining why you are a suitable civil society
representative for this planning retreat. However, please note – THE
THIS FRIDAY (MAY 27) - to allow us to also submit our recommendations by
the IGF closing date of May 31.

So briefly – to seek CSCG endorsement for attendance at this workshop, you
must submit an email to us at nomcom08 at internetgov-cs.org no later than COB
on Friday, May 27. (and you must also apply via the IGF process outlined at

CSCG will make its recommendations taking into account the contribution
nominees can make, as well as gender, geographic and political diversity.

If more information comes to hand, we will inform CS lists as soon as
possible. But we do believe it is important to select a diverse and
representative group of civil society attendees for this retreat, and will
do the best possible in the limited time available to achieve this.

> From: Ian Peter
> Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 8:51 AM
> To: governance at lists.igcaucus.org
> Subject: [governance] IGF Planning Retreat
> The IGF has opened a call for nominations to attend a Planning Retreat
from July 14-16 at Glen Cove, New York. Details can be found at
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf-retreat
> The IGF nomination procedures can be found from the link above and
interested civil society people should apply. Travel assistance *may* be
available for participants from developing countries and transitional
economies but cannot be guaranteed at this stage.
> CSCG is still discussing whether it wishes to become involved in a
parallel process of recommending civil society candidates. Our involvement
is welcomed by the IGF Secretariat, but we are concerned about the lack of
transparency and rushed nature of any involvement (which would also need to
be completed by May 31 on current indications, in parallel with nominations
still being received). We will advise further (within 48 hours) on
procedures that should be followed for those seeking CSCG endorsement if a
decision is made to be involved.
> Apologies for incredibly short notice: this was only announced on
Thursday May 19 and we have been seeking clarification on how this will be
> Ian Peter (Independent Chair, CSCG)
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