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Thank you Anita from bringing the nomination of Parminder on this list.
I will add it him to the last email the I circulated.
Best wishes,

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 6:37 PM, parminder <parminder at itforchange.net>

> Hi All
> Anita posted this nomination information on the BB list this morning vide
> the email below but it does not seem to have been received. So, reposting.
> For info, bec I think all this information, especially the views on the
> important subject should be very public for every proposing nomination.
> The full nomination information is at
> http://itforchange.net/Parminder_bio_WGEC-2.pdf
> parminder
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> Hi All
> The linked doc (http://itforchange.net/Parminder_bio_WGEC-2.pdf ) carries
> most of the details required by the 4 question format, but I thought one
> question may not be fully or at least directly addressed. And it may also
> be one of the most important ones. I have therefore updated the doc by
> adding the following paragraph. Please let me know if any clarification or
> further information is needed.  I believe that the stand/ proposals made by
> civil society participants should be public and they should also commit to
> respond to clarification and other questions, and be ready to undertake a
> debate, about which I hear some positive views on this list. This is my
> primary purpose for posting this, and I very much comend the CCWG for
> putting forward this important question.
> (begins)
> *Substantive proposals or a vision on “how to further implement enhanced
> cooperation as envisioned in the Tunis Agenda”*
> A lot of the text above tends to describe the vision I have in this
> regard. I will briefly summarise it here. When institutional form – whether
> extant or proposed new – becomes controversial, as the appropriate
> mechanism for addressing the much needed global Internet policies has
> become, we may need to start from the start. Function, in such a case,
> should precede form, as is held to be the normal organisational wisdom.
> We have by now a good idea of the function. The first version of the
> Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation, and the follow-up CSTD secretariat
> report, did a good job of mapping global Internet related policy space.
> This may need to be worked upon a little more, especially in terms of
> bunching issues along institutional requirements, which is the work that
> the new group should begin with. Further, we have existing institutions
> like OECD's Committee on Digital Economy Policy, and Council of Europe's
> Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (and probably other
> supra-national agencies doing such work which I have not tracked), whose
> excellent work provides a very good and ever-growing list of international
> Internet-related public policy issues. Once, we are over this hump, and
> there is an agreement that there indeed exist very important global
> Internet-related public policy issues, it should not be difficult to look
> for and find the appropriate form. Like for all important functions of our
> social lives, the form that is agreed upon may not be perfect, but as long
> at it is appreciated that key policy issues do need a global level
> addressing, it should not be too difficult to move towards the most
> appropriate one, within the possible institutional forms. In this regard,
> the UN's long history of innovative new institutional forms (after all, the
> IGF came out if it) and the high degree of multistakeholder
> participativeness that otherwise characterises the Internet governance
> space together provide an excellent background to make progress. I am sure
> that this group will achieve what it has set out to achieve. If we even now
> fail to find the appropriate institutional mechanism to adequately address
> the myriad, urgent and important global Internet-related policy issues, the
> coming generations would not be kind to us in remembering our political
> role at this key formative time of the new social paradigm of an
> Internet-mediated society.
> (ends)
> parminder
> On Monday 14 March 2016 11:18 AM, anita wrote:
> Friends,
> IT for Change will like to propose the candidacy of Parminder to be a
> civil society participant of the re-enacted Working Group on Enhanced
> Cooperation.
> Parminder has been very active in enhanced cooperation debates since the
> very beginning. He has also played an important role in keeping the concept
> alive, developing various proposals around it.
> Parminder was the first to demand that a CSTD Working Group on Enhanced
> Cooperation be set up. And it is through his contributions that the subject
> of Enhanced Cooperation was discussed for the first time at the 2008 IGF.
> We have put together a note on his suitability for this role, which can be
> accessed here http://itforchange.net/Parminder_bio_WGEC-2.pdf
> Please let me know if you need any further information or clarification.
> Regards
> anita
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