[bestbits] BestBits endorsement to the CSCG toward the selection to CS 2016 MAG

Nadira Alaraj nadira.araj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 13:28:02 EST 2016

Dear Ginger, Ian and BestBits members

The short listing of BestBits endorsement to the CSCG for the civil society
candidacy to MAG 2016 is comprised of

   - Jeremy Malcolm
   - Renata Aquino Ribeiro
   - Deirdre Williams

Their name is listed according to their expression of interest date and you
will find their bios in appendix (I) of the attached file.

The endorsement is based on consulting the members of proposed short
listing based on complied endorsements for 4 nominees found in appendix
(II) of the attached file, which received no response or any objection from
the members.  However, this consultation generated more endorsement counts
to the nominees.

During the endorsement period and to encourage input I proposed to the
members to send me endorsement off-list. I’ve got two responses and I can
provided it to you upon request and their consent.

A useful comment that I would like to share here for future considerations
presented by Carolina Roussini. Were she wrote: “*It would be great if
previous MAG CS members shared their experience here and also how "hard" or
not MAG can be. And how much they were actually able to influence in the
decisions.  That could help people decide their votes*.”

Will you be needing any further information, I will be ready to provide.

Best wishes,

Nadira Alaraj

Vice Chairperson

Internet Society - Palestine Chapter

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