[bestbits] Call for Proposals to represent the Commons at the World Social Forum in Montreal August 2016

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Date:  Monday, January 18, 2016 at 9:25 AM
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Subject:  Call for Proposals to represent the Commons at the FSM 2016

> Dear Friends,
> Happy New Year (a bit late)
> We hope the break was restful and you are now ready for thinking, planning and
> organising something great on the commons for the WSF. As you probably know
> registrations are now open and the group working on the program is already
> collecting proposals for seminars and sessions. The aim of this mailing list
> was to jointly elaborate and propose sessions to the WSF in order to avoid
> having to merge or re-adapt the different proposals at the very last minute
> and also to have a well developed jointly planned programme of activities on
> the commons. We even thought about having a proper space where all the
> commoners could stay and interact with other activist.
> What does it mean in practice? That if any of you have something in mind to
> propose for the WSF it would be good to start brainstorming and planning
> together.
> Considering who is in this mailing list (but please add or forward this to
> anyone you think could be interested in joining) we can cover at least four
> areas and more with your suggestions.
> - Social commons
> - Urban commons
> - Spaces of production
> - Digital (on this topic there are also some orgs from Quebec involved, we
> have been trying to reach them with no success -AccesCake and Sensorica)
> We can also organise something broader on commons as a tool for change
> (personally I prefer change rather than resilience) and we should also think
> about organising something on environment/natural resources/community land
> rights (I have some orgs in mind)
> In theory another topic could be women and commons (but I am not sure about
> how many orgs could be involved on that).
> We are hoping to have at least 5 proposals to share space but the more the
> better ( i.e. one or two sessions per day per space - the WSF is on 9-14 Aug
> but first and last day do not count -) Would also be great to have some
> cultural and artistic projects involved to participate in the opening parade.
> In case you haven't seen the FSM website yet here it is : www.fsm2016.org
> <http://www.fsm2016.org>
> Please get back to us even if your ideas are still at an early stage of
> development by the end of January.
> One last but very important point: I am going on retreat until April so
> Elisabetta will remain alone as facilitator of this discussion.
> Please contact her by email with ideas and proposals betta.cangelosi at gmail.com
> Also if anyone is free to volunteer to help her that would be great.
> Best Wishes 
> Kevin
> https://twitter.com/flgnk; http://lists.p2pfoundation.net/wws/review/wsf2016
> Skype: kev.flanagan
> Phone: +353 87 743 5660

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