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Dear friends,

With apologies for not sharing this sooner, below is a brief update on the
current status of IGF preparations and the activities currently being
carried out by the IGF MAG.

To start with a time-sensitive issue, please note that the* community is
currently invited to provide input on IGF's inter-sessional activities*. The*
deadline *to submit input is *Monday, February 2*:

Defining the modalities and themes for intersessional work is perhaps the
most important task for the MAG and the community this year. It will be
instrumental in maximising the value of the Forum beyond the annual
Conference, and, especially in light of the WSIS+10 Review, to demonstrate
its value to the wider audiences. As the IGF mandate runs out this year,
and its future gets decided by governments in New York this December,
getting intersessional work off the ground could be one of the key
variables in deciding the final outcome. So please share this call with
your networks and provide input if you can!

For those of you who want *to join* the dedicated MAG working group on
intersessional activities, the info on how to do this is below.

With warm wishes,



*Summary of the December MAG meeting and status of IGF 2015 preparations*

   - The newly formed MAG met for the first time on 1-3 December in Geneva.
   The Chair's summary can be found here
   - The work of the MAG and dedicated working groups (WGs) will be carried
   out remotely through calls and mailing lists, as well as through in person
   meetings. Next MAG face to face meetings will take place in:
   - *May 20-22, Geneva* (to focus on workshop selection*)*
      - *Early September, New York* (to maximise opportunity to engage
      decision-makers in NY involved in the WSIS process and push for
IGF mandate
   - To tackle specific tasks, work of the MAG has been organised into
   dedicated WGs. The WGs report regularly to the full MAG, which has the
   final decision-making authority.
   - At the December meeting, *7 WGs were set up:*

Working GroupMailing list nameMailing list sign up pageLead FacilitatorsIGF
2015 themesigf2015_themes at intgovforum.org
Fonseca Filho.Intersessional activitiesintersessional_2015 at intgovforum.org
Boukadoum,; Virat Bhatia; Avri Doria; Lynn St. Amour.Main Session guidelines
ms_guidelines_2015 at intgovforum.org
Wagner; Subi Chaturvedi; Virginia Paque.Outreach communication
outreach_com_2015 at intgovforum.org
LazanskiRemote participationrp_2015 at intgovforum.org
of IGFselfassesment_2015 at intgovforum.org
Cade.Workshop evaluation, selection criteria, and mechanisms
ws_selection_2015 at intgovforum.org
Alexander; Susan Chalmers.

   - It was decided that all WGs will be *open to the community*. If you
   are interested in participating in any of these WGs please register through
   the above links and the IGF secretariat will add you to the relevant
   mailing list(s). Volunteers are more than welcome!
   - In terms of progress of individual WGs, two groups will be finalising
   their work shortly: the group on IGF themes and the group on workshop
   - The call for workshops for IGF 2015 is due to be published shortly
   (target date: *January 30*).
   - As it stands at the moment (pending final confirmation):
      - The overaching theme for IGF 2015 will be "*The Evolution of
      Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development"*
      - Conference sub-themes will be: *Building Trust; Internet Economy;
      Inclusiveness and Diversity; Openess; Multistakeholder Cooperation;
      Internet and Human Rights*

As a group of civil society MAG members and observers (Aida Mahmutovic,
Bianca Ho, Avri Doria, Ginger Paque, Fatima Cambronero, Jac SM Kee, Ephraim
Percy Kenyanito, Amelia Andersdotter, Izumi Aizu, Bill Drake, Anriette
Esterhuysen, Adam Peake, Matthew Shears, etc. - sorry if I missed anyone!)
we made a relatively solid effort at trying to coordinate our input at the
meeting. We organised working lunches, a dedicated online communications
channel, and supported each others' interventions. Most of us have joined
several working groups, and Ginger and Avri are leading two of them. I
think we have a great group of dedicated and hard-working people who will
work to promote the public interest and contribute to strengthening the
IGF. I look forward to working with them this year!

I hope this captures the main developments - other colleagues who are
following the process, please add to this information in case I missed


*Lea Kaspar*


Development House, 56–64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT

T: +44 (0)20 7549 033*7* | M: +44 (0)7583 929216 | Skype: l.kaspar

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