[bestbits] [governance] US gets frank on its vision for the Internet

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue Feb 17 03:45:59 EST 2015

At 08:57 17/02/2015, Guru wrote:
>>US don't want the ITU to take over the 
>>Internet, but then US make rules trough trade 
>>with countries that have less bargain power and need access on commoditiesÂ
>>It is a joke
>The ITU is a convenient bogey raised by USG 
>(supported by US based transnationals and some 
>'civil society' members') to prevent other 
>countries from having any role in IG 
>democratisation. Accepting that ITU need not be 
>the institution to 'take over the Internet' 
>(bogey statement), the USG game needs to be 
>firmly resisted.  And global CS needs to firmly 
>be with such resistance (read WEF v/s WSF)

I am afraid you are confusing the internet and 
the catenet. Keeping with the maritime metaphor, 
the catenet is the sea and the internet is the 
interactive shipping mostly used for 
distribution. Other kinds of more adequate 
specialized shippings are under development. This 
confusion between "smart hardware" we 
collectively own, and multiple networking 
software+operations add-ons (such as the 
internet) is the first source of confusion. The 
second main source of confusion is that we are 
neither interested in hardware nor software, but 
in brainware intercomprehension/knowledge.

There are three levels is the USG game :

- the correct metaphor of digital lanes.
- the whish to impose an advantageous rule for 
that game (multistakeholderism, v.s. omnistakeholderism)
- the regular national policy to develop a national interest strategy.


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