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Please consider signing this letter started by Accessnow. Forwarding a
note from Josh Levy. We in India  are facing an avalanche of false
advertising by Facebook in its attempt to influence regulator to buy
de-anonymised packets of the poor at bulk rate in the guise of charity.
Indian civil society needs help and support.

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Subject: 	[global-nn] Facebook urging its users to fight NN in India -
sign-on letter
Date: 	Thu, 24 Dec 2015 11:17:36 -0500
From: 	Josh Levy <josh at accessnow.org>
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Hi all - as you've probably seen, Facebook has been running ads in India
and elsewhere urging Free Basics users to sign a petition AGAINST
proposed Net Neutrality rules in India. Many of us have found this
tactic, and the language used in the actual petition, to be
unnecessarily aggressive, unfair, and disingenuous.

For that reason, Access Now and the folks running SavetheInternet.in
have put together the attached letter to Facebook.

Please take a look and let me know if you a) have an high-level comments
or concerns, and b) if we can add your org's name. Indian groups think
it would be a huge help to get as many U.S. groups on board as possible.
We'll also be circulating this to the global Net Neutrality list.

I know it's pretty much the worst timing ever, but we do want to move
this forward over the next few days, with the goal of making the letter
and its signers public next week. Until then, please do not discuss in
public this letter or our strategy.

Josh Levy

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