[bestbits] Civil Society letter against Data Retention in Peru

Javier Pallero javier at accessnow.org
Wed Aug 19 15:04:44 EDT 2015

Dear friends,

In the last week of July, the Peruvian Presidency issued a legislative
decree establishing a 3 year data retention mandate upon all
telecommunications carriers in Peru (including ISPs) The decree also
mandates telecommunications service providers to share real-time location
information about suspects of flagrant crimes by police request only
(without a previous warrant)

These two authorities raise serious concerns regarding user privacy and
freedom of expression. Access, with the collaboration of the EFF has put
together a letter condemning these policies and asking for their rejection
in an upcoming legislative review.

We kindly invite you to support us with your signature. Please do it before
Sunday the 23rd by 10 PM UTC.

You can find the letter *attached*. Signatories so far include:

Access - Global

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - Global

DATA - Uruguay

TEDIC - Paraguay

Asociación por los Derechos Civiles - ADC - Argentina

Derechos Digitales - Latin America

Thanks in advance,

*---Javier Pallero*

Policy Analyst / Analista de Politicas
Access | accessnow.org

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