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This may be of interest to some on this list.

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> Dear GITA Colleagues,
> I hope your summers are ending well.
> This past month Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre and I published in the Journal of
> Public Affairs Education.  It¹s entitled ³Policymaking in the Global Context:
> Training Students to Build Effective Strategic Partnerships with
> Nongovernmental Organizations² and you can access it here:
> http://www.naspaa.org/JPAEMessenger/Article/VOL21-3/10_Balboa%20Deloffe.pdf.
> The article uses the Ebola case to demonstrate why it is important for MPA/MPP
> programs to teach about NGOs ­ either as actors in building a global policy or
> as partners with traditional policy-making agencies.  It also uses NASPAA data
> to illustrate how few MPA/MPP programs actually do focus on NGOs into their
> core or elective courses, despite the growing number of faculty with research
> focus on private actors.  The discussion draws heavily from the spheres of
> influence capacity framework I proposed in World Development last year, and
> Maryam¹s detailed understanding of the actors responding to the Ebola
> outbreak.
> Maryam also wrote about the article in the prestigious International Relations
> Blog Duck of Minerva:
> http://duckofminerva.com/2015/08/policymaking-gone-global-learning-to-work-wit
> h-ngos.html
> For those of you who teach in traditional MPP/MPA programs, this article might
> be helpful in creating lesson plans on teaching about strategic partnerships
> in global policymaking.
> Best,
> Cristina

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