[bestbits] A loud move to blatantly violate NETNeutrality principles

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Thank you Seun. The larger concern is that the telecoms are capturing Web
Applications, one after another. Regulators are also prone to ask for
surveillance deals as part of a scheme like this.

Sivasubramanian M

On Wednesday, December 24, 2014, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com>

> Beyond  net-neutrality the level of packet filtering/inspection that would
> be required to effectively implement the policy is another point of concern.
> In all these, one would wonder the role of national regulators as this is
> beyond a normal business strategy which I expect should violate certain
> operations rules put in place by regulators. Airtel is a major mobile
> carrier in my region (Africa) and it will be a thing to watch-out for in my
> region as well.
> Thanks for sharing.
> Regards
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